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Phoenix Edge RPG Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

This week we discuss the recent confession from SEGA regarding the surprising sales for Persona 4 Golden, and their new commitment to porting games more "aggressively" in the future. Then we analyze some of the challenges developers have given as to why classic games are often NOT remastered. With a hyper specific deep-dive into Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, The Last Story and Xenosaga!

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- Crisis Core Discussion -

1. SEGA Will Port Games to PC & Other Platforms 'Aggressively’ [01:50]

2. Why is it so difficult to remaster classic RPGs in 2020? [11:33]

3. RPGs that require original hardware or emulation to play in 2020 [21:08] -Crisis Core [21:12]

-The Last Story [43:47]

-Xenosaga [1:01:49]

4. Other RPG’s that require original hardware/emulation and the ethics of game emulation in 2020. [1:12:03]

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